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Qigong has not only stood the test of time, but it is also dynamic in that it has continued to develop methods, schools, lineages, forms, and styles, and variations of forms and styles plus individual exercises.  There are categories of Qigong, such as health (medical), martial, and spiritual.  There is Daoist (Taoist) Qigong (the first energy arts of Ancient China) and Buddhist Qigong (Qigong influenced by the philosophy of Buddhism).

There are thousands of styles, methods, techniques and schools of Qigong, all sharing common principles.  (Some of the principles of Qigong practice include, Breath, Activation, Warmup, Stretching, Flowing Movements, Posture, and Meditation.)   According to the Qigong Institute, “there are thousands of kinds of Qigong – maybe tens of thousands”.  With thousands of generations of experience and development, Qigong’s relevance to the wellbeing of humanity is as timeless as the existence of life energy and the fabric of life itself.

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