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Benefits of Qigong

Jamie demonstrating Qigong

Why have people been doing Qigong for thousands of years?  Generation after generation.  Why do millions of people continue to do Qigong every day, even now?

To answer the question simply ~ Doing Qigong Feels Good.  It feels good for your muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia.  You enjoy a calm mind and a peaceful heart, you are fully present, you feel … content.

When you do Qigong, you are doing something tremendously healing for your body, your energy system, your heart, your spirit, your mind.  Correspondingly, You Feel Good, during a practice and afterwards, and over time that good peaceful, calmly energetic feeling can become your prevailing state of being.

At a fundamental quantum level, we are energy and Qigong is, at a fundamental level a practice of energy fitness that can also optimise physical, mental and emotional health.

There are so many benefits that come from daily Qigong practice.  Here are some of them.

More Energy and Less Stress

  • Qigong works on improving the quality and quantity of our energy levels.
  • Qigong is a practice for more energy and less stress which makes it easier to deal effectively with life’s demands.
  • Qigong transforms stress into vitality.
  • “Qigong gives us an energy upgrade.”  Master Lee Holden

Calm Mind ~ Peaceful Heart ~ Healthy Body

  • Qigong is a simple, and elegant way to become skilled in matters of health and happiness.
  • “Qigong is a way to prevent disease and improve health.”  Master Kenneth S. Cohen
  • Qigong is enjoyed daily by millions of people of all ages and abilities for healing, curing and health enhancement.
  • Qigong is a highly effective system of self-healthcare that is 4-5 thousand years old.
  • Qigong works on improving the quality of our emotions and the clarity of our thoughts.
  • Qigong helps you to feel good in your body.

Qigong Can Be Done by Anyone

  • Qigong can be done even by those who have very limited mobility.
  • Qigong can be done standing, sitting and even laying down.
  • Qigong can be done by anyone of any age at any stage of health and fitness.

Vibrant Longevity ~ Awareness ~ Empowerment

  • Qigong is practiced for health, healing, longevity.
  • Qigong rejuvenates and invigorates.
  • Qigong is a cultivation practice of your power and potential.
  • Qigong is an anti-aging practice of longevity.

Spiritual Cultivation

  • Qigong provides a healthy, grounded and practical way to explore the blessing of our spiritual nature.
Jamie demonstrating Qigong


Flower representing FAQs
How is Qigong pronounced?2023-05-20T17:51:03-06:00

Chee-gung is the English pronunciation.

Is Qigong for me?2023-05-20T17:51:28-06:00

Qigong is for everyone.  Adults, children – people of all ages and people of all physical abilities.  Qigong practices can be modified for what your needs are.  It can be done standing, seated or laying down.  It can be more or less physical as desired.  There are thousands of varieties of Qigong and ways to practice Qigong, so there will be a way of Qigong that is ideal for you.

How long should I do Qigong every day?2023-05-20T17:51:51-06:00

Any length of time that you have is the short answer.  The important thing is to do some every day.  2-10 minutes of Qigong is better than zero minutes.  If you have 10-30 minutes, then go for it!  If you have 60-75 minutes, have at it!  If you can arrange your schedule to do 20-35 minutes every day – fantastic, you will love it and you will feel good doing it.  If you are having a particularly busy day, then take as some short qi breaks.  If you have been sitting a lot, then getting up every 45 minutes and doing 2-5 minutes of Qigong will be very helpful.  Those short qi breaks make a big difference!  Whether you stand on your feet a lot, have other work-related physical stresses or you are doing heavy lifting with your brain, short qi breaks are probably the essential minimum.

Is Qigong the same as Tai Chi?2023-05-20T17:52:18-06:00

Tai Chi is a type or style of Qigong

Do I need any special clothing or equipment to practice Qigong?2023-05-20T17:52:47-06:00

Qigong can be done anywhere in a small amount of space and does not require any special equipment or clothing.

Is Qigong religious?2023-05-20T17:53:16-06:00

Not at all, Qigong was developed in ancient times to help people stay healthy.  Much of the development of Qigong practices is likely thanks to Taoist sages, as Taoism was the most widely accepted philosophical way of life at the time.

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