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Golden Qigong Learning Options

Jaime is available to teach in person locally and is also available to travel to your facility or event.

How to Learn Qigong with Jaime

  • In Person

  • Multi Participant

  • One on One

  • Online (Coming Soon)*

Where to Learn Qigong with Jaime

  • Spa

  • Learning Centre

  • Corporate Retreat

  • Facility

  • Business

  • Wellness Centre

  • Corporate Event

  • School

  • Home

  • Office

  • Event

  • Organization

  • Seniors Home

  • Church

* Scheduled Weekly Classes Are Coming in the Future (Edmonton Area)

Please email to inquire about these Qigong learning options.

more learning options

Qigong for Home Schoolers

Are you part of a home-schooling group?  I offer fun Qigong teaching for children – Qigong is a great addition for your children’s physical, mental and emotional fitness.  It is a life skill that can make a positive difference in day-to-day life for a lifetime.

Please email to inquire about this Qigong learning option.


Qigong for Your Staff

Easy to learn and enjoyable tools for everyone’s toolkit to help the workdays go smoother physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Simple, short, Qigong exercises before, during or after a workday can improve workplace interactions, peace of mind, communication, energy levels, clarity of thinking, mental focus, happiness/wellbeing and much more.  I can come to your business and teach simple yet powerful Qigong to your staff.

If you are a business owner or a human resources specialist, consider the benefits of Qigong for your staff.

Please email to inquire about this Qigong learning option.

Personal – One on One Select Training 

Catered, Customized, Individualized for Your Purposes and Preferences

What are Your Goals?  Athletic Performance, Mental Acuity, Work Related Business/Career Goals, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Improved Immunity, Mental and Emotional Balance and Well-being, Improved Interpersonal Relationships.

We can discuss what you would like to attain, realize, create, and/or accomplish in your personal life, your profession, your business.

Do you prefer to receive personalized one on one focused teaching?  Daily or weekly training  at your convenience, home or office – I will come to you.

Please email to inquire about this specialty Qigong training service.

Seated Qigong

Seated Qigong and Qigong with physical supports are alternatives for anyone who have difficulty being on their feet for any length of time or for those who are unable to stand.  There are no barriers to your participation in Qigong.  If you wish to enjoy daily Qigong practice, with all of the health benefits, I am available to design seated Qigong practices for you.

Please email to inquire about this Qigong learning option.

Future Learning Options Currently in Development

Scheduled Weekly Classes (Local – Edmonton Area) Location to be Announced

Live Streaming Classes

Online Subscription